Casper Miami

Photography: @jossielg

Photography: @jossielg

Cesar in Palermo, Argentina.


Cesar Suarez, also known as Kasper Miami. From an early age of just five years old, he demonstrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring his creative passion to fruition inheriting his talent from his mother. In 2010, Cesar was accepted into the AP Art Magnet program at Felix Varela Senior High. At a young age he had a unique liking to drawing hands and eyes, which later on led him to receive a perfect score in his Art Portfolio which caught the attention of Ringling College in Sarasota, Florida and Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Granting him acceptance and full rides to both campuses. As he never believed his talent would be a realistic career choice, he dropped out of highchool and opened a body shop painting and wrapping vehicles, jumping from field to field in work. 7 years has passed since that time and Cesar found himself in his creative space again during the COVID pandemic. In the short time he has been painting professionally he has worked with A-List celebrities such as Maluma, Nengo Flow, Sech, Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam, Marc Anthony, Floyd Mayweather and more. Well known in the Latin trap reggaetón world due to his four years of working in the nightlife hospitality industry two of which he was a Artist Liaison and manager at Centro Wynwood, he was able to use his network to sky rocket himself into the limelight of the art and music world. From humble beginnings, and a rough upbringing, Cesar's talent was birthed and is now a very well known and respected artist in Miami, and has a massive following from Colombia due to his collaboration with Maluma as well as his second and third home New Jersey and New York.

Why "Casper" you may ask? Since a young age Cesar's skin complexion was very fair and was given the nickname "Casper" by his family, and working in the nightlife industry he began to dye his hair and remove his name from all social medias and started going by "Casper Miami" to assist him in his field of work to separate himself from the competition at the time which turned him into a person of influence locally in the industry. When leaving the industry, he began to use Casper The Friendly ghost as satire in all of his paintings and having a Casper holding a paintbrush tattooed on his neck which left his moniker sealed in stone.

Long time family friend and now manager, Ely Rojas, Instagram @ely.rojass_, has taken Cesar to the next level with putting him in touch with high roller clientele and as well as A-List celebrities.

At the young age of 25 years old, Casper Miami is leaving his footprint in the art world with his rate of consistency and diverse artwork.

Cesar in his studio.